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Big Indian Cultural Shame in Guyana

India - a very ancient country, with amazing and interesting history and culture. India - the birthplace of religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. India has the world's greatest works of literature, architecture, painting and sculpture, as well as the original physical fitness - yoga. Modern cultural policy in India is to promote the cultural heritage of India globally. In every country where there is only the Indian embassy, ​​there is a need and an Indian cultural center. Indians are proud of their country and culture and try to tell the whole world as much as possible about it. Moreover, membership in such cultural centers is not inexpensive, and available to everyone interested.

There is a cultural center in Georgetown. At first sight - perfectly. Anyone can come here and learn yoga, Indian dance, to find a suitable library books about Indian culture. But only at first glance.

But, however, nowhere else in Guyana will not find such an abundance of coarse people. Guyanese are by nature very polite and considerate people. But here, in the Indian Cultural Center are greeted only with those who are not lower in status. Can push as if by accident, and not even apologize for it, as it were accidentally pushed out of the circle concerned "unworthy." It turns out that people come here not to be attached to cultural values. Through the efforts of the new leadership, an Indian cultural center turned into a kind of private club, which has access only to the elite, and where people come to show off to each other their wealth or his position. And because the club is open only during daytime, and come here only to women who can afford not to work, rather show off her husband's position or the money their parents. For working women would have been possible, of course, come to the center only at lunchtime or after work, but at this time classes are not working. The schedule of classes is at 12-00, but in fact they do not work. Organized some VIP classes, only for VIPs. It's very strange to Indian philosophy, and just embarrassing to watch silly goose that is indifferent, Indian culture, Indian dance, and who come here only to show himself and diligently do not allow into your circle of commoners.It is unfortunate that such a good deal turned into a shameful farce.

Immediately realize that, once the Indian culture for thousands of years of development could not get people a decent attitude towards other people, then what is it then really. To show his contempt for the whole world does not need to be recorded in a yoga class. You can only add that people who seek to inequities themselves in the soul of the slaves. If they allow this attitude to other people, so they are psychologically ready for this and to themselves.

“Slave dreams not about freedom, but of his own slaves.” (Boris Krutier)

All the more strange to see this in a country which itself has experienced the terrible years of slavery. Do people whose ancestors gave their lives for the struggle against slavery, so allow themselves to be treated in their own free country? And where? In the temple of the ancient culture of the world - Indian Cultural Center.
This is not Indian Cultural Center, I can tell you. This Indian Cultural Shame!

Finally I want to give some remarks of great men:

“Voluntary slaves make more tyrants than tyrants - the slaves.” (O. Mirabeau)

“No shameful slavery than slavery is voluntary.” (Seneca)

“Animals have that noble feature that the lion will never become a slave of cowardice another lion, and a horse - a horse of another slave.” (Michel de Montaigne)

“To become a free man, ... It is necessary to squeeze out a drop of a slave.” (Anton Chekhov)

“The servants, having no master, do not get from this free people, - servility in their souls.” (Heine Heinrich)