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Holidays in Bulgaria attractions of the country

Bulgaria sunny country attracts millions of tourists for the rest. Vacationers from all over the city and happy to flock to the golden beaches of the Bulgarian, attending the winter ski resorts. Children and adults, old and young - all will be able to find a suitable holiday in Bulgaria. By visiting this country, you can not just relax and regain your health and vitality, but also to visit many interesting places to go to museums and see the sights of the country.
The central attractions not only in Bulgaria, but also the whole Christian world, without a doubt is St. Sophia Cathedral. It is the oldest monument of the Bulgarian lands. It was named chief of the temple was named the capital of the country. In a dramatic story of the cathedral of existence for more than fifteen hundred years it has repeatedly destroyed the war and disasters, but each time the Saint Sophia Cathedral was reduced again. Restoration work is being done in our days and aim to recreate the original appearance of the cathedral. Any tourist, buying airline ticket to Bulgaria and once in the capital Sofia, will want to visit the central church of the country.
In Varna, on the coast is the famous Seaside Park - an oasis of peace and quiet. It was built in Baroque style, and served as an example of Viennese palace gardens. In Seaside Park Zoo, Dolphinarium, the Palace of Culture and Sports and the Planetarium. You can visit the Natural History Museum or see the rich marine world in a public aquarium, which is also located in Seaside Park.
In Bulgaria there is a huge number of national parks. You can visit the park "Rila", which contains the famous "Seven Lakes" and the Rila Monastery. And in the highest part of the Pirin Mountains National Park is of the same name. Vrachano-Balkan National Park attracts with its reserve "Vratsa Karst." This reserve is located about two hundred caves with unique flora and fauna.
The highest waterfall Bulgarian Praskalo height of 125 meters, you can watch in the Central Balkan Park. Park "Sinite Kamynov" very charming picturesque mountain landscape, and in Ruse National Park are the medieval castle and Cherven Ivanovo rock monastery. The national park "Shumen Plateau", located near the town of Shumen, there are over five hundred species of plants and about one hundred species of birds. Also here you can visit the memorial complex "1300 years Bulgaria" and visit the archaeological preserve "Shumen fortress."
With regard to the unique natural attractions, the resort near the Bulgarian city of Cape Kaliakra Albena is located (in translation from the Greek. "Beautiful cape"). Near the cave is located g.Vratsa Ledenika, which are among the most beautiful in Europe. At 18 kilometers from the city of Varna is the natural park "Stone Forest" with amazing stone columns. Bulgaria has a lot of recreational places, and which are not inferior to sanatoriums Zheleznovodsk.
Bulgaria - a unique country, where anyone can find something for themselves. And if you go here on vacation, you will be able to visit the land of pristine beauty where as if time has stopped. Lush green hills and picturesque valleys, clean rivers and blue lakes, crystal-clear springs and water from mineral springs - all you get by visiting the country snow-capped mountains and sandy beaches. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, positive mood and positive emotions, and, of course, a huge number of attractions waiting for you. It is important that the holiday is available for a person of any income level, in fact on holiday in Bulgaria prices have always been very moderate, and the quality of service it is very high.