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Autonomy and independence, the one and only city of Washington


United States of America consist of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Washington is the capital of America. The capital is located on the neutral territory between Maryland and Virginia, among which is the Potomac River. This city began building in 1970 designed by French architect and engineer Pierre Langfang. And thanks to this man, the capital of Washington has properly delineated the streets and avenues. Why is Washington, yes, because the name was in honor of America's first president George Washington. It tells the story of the capital it was burned, when there was the Anglo-American war. But after the war, its newly rebuilt, is even better.

Because, America is known for its high-rise buildings in Washington Heights, the building is much lower, are not as high. But the vegetation, Washington ignores all cities in America by the number of green trees and bushes. It is considered the greenest city. Yes, and the air is much cleaner due to the fact that few businesses and smaller population. The tallest building in Washington is the Capitol, Capitol, built on a hill 55 meters high, representing the shape of the dome, which is installed on top female statue, symbolizing Freedom. Next to this building are eminent Library of Congress and the Supreme Court of America. And still has a very interesting law whereby, in Washington is very light and spacious, but the law says so, not to construct buildings in excess of the Capitol.
Urban life in Washington, quite calm, measured, not fussy, unlike New York. The streets are not filled with cars, though each have one. The city is a popular means of transportation metro. Residents living in the suburbs, to the subway commute by car, park, and then move through the subway. And if someone drives a car, it is often a problem with parking, and, improper parking, may shell out the owner of $ 200. Also on country highways drive huge trucks, which takes place; Life truckers.
Most tourists who come to Washington, seeking to visit the historical museums, the Smithsonian, all in all there are 13 museums and exhibitions, art galleries and monuments to the Presidents of America, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial Vietnam Veterans who died in war or missing in action. In short, this city, which will not be boring, but on the contrary, from which not want to leave.