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In Guyana, a large number of holidays. So where do we, with our New Year and May 1. Here is a list of national holidays only:
January 1 - New Year's Eve.
February 23 - Mashramani, or Republic Day.
March 1 - Hindu festival Fagva (Holly).
mid - late March - Yum al-Nabi (Milyad en-Nabi, Birth of the Prophet Mohammed).
late March - early April - Good Friday, Easter and Easter holidays.
May 1 - Labor Day.
May 5 - Day of the Indian heritage.
May 26 - Independence Day.
July 3 - Day of CARICOM (Caribbean Cooperation Organization Day).
August 1 - Independence Day.
late October - early November - Diwali (Deepavali, the Hindu Festival of Light).
Home - Mid-October - Eid al-Fitr (Ramadan).
beginning - middle of December - Eid al-Adha (Eid al-Hadha, the Feast of the Sacrifice).
December 25-26 - Christmas.
To assign dates of Muslim holidays used a lunar calendar, so each year, determine its date of implementation.
Same thing with the Indian festivals and holidays. But, regardless of national origin and religious component, all holidays are celebrated by the whole population of the country and date of their implementation are nation-wide holidays. We should also look for another such country, where per capita would have been so many holidays, and where both coexisted peacefully the various religions.
Гайана The main holiday of the country is Mashramani, or Republic Day (February 23, the word "mashramani" is translated from Native American dialects as a "celebration after the joint work"). On this day, held a colorful parade, a carnival, "Mashramani", the parties heatedly compete in the art of dancing, playing musical instruments and steel drums., Hosts various ceremonies, sporting events, music, dance and theatrical performances.
Chinese New Year "Chuntsze" ("Spring Festival") is for the first new moon of the year (January-February). In early March, begins holiday Phagva (Holi, the festival of colors, festival of colors), one of the most fun and casual celebrations in the world.
My favorite holiday.
ГайанаDuring the Easter celebrations in the country, a traditional sports meropriyatiya.Naprimer, the regatta in Bartik and the famous Rodeo in Lethem Rupununi, on which on which the cowboys come from all over Guyana and neighboring countries.
And on Easter Monday festival is filled with air zmeev.Vse sky and a variety of colorful kites.
ГайанаMay 28 Day is celebrated Morukov and day of Linden, and on 5 May begins a series of colorful celebrations in honor of Indian heritage - Arrival day. (Arrival in Guyana, the first ship with the settlers from India, 1838).
June 3 starts Environment Week (June 5, Environment Day is usually necessary), followed by dozens of environmental exhibitions and events. In mid-June, religious festivals are held to mark the Day of St. Enmora (June 16), and immediately thereafter the north coast beaches are taking a theatrical performance, "Jam bands".
August 1 prazlnovanie day slavery was abolis
hed in 1834. This is followed by summer regatta Bartik and Lake Regatta Meynstey, and the third week of August have Mining Week (Miner's Day) and the Day of the pig (day breeder), followed by various folk ceremonies.
ГайанаIn September, a number of interesting events open Month celebration of Indian culture, and on September 10 the Day of Indian heritage in Santa Rosa, which necessarily accompany a variety of cultural, sporting and environmental ceremony.
October - month of the crop. At the end of the month is a Hindu festival of lights - Diwali.
November-month touris
m. In the same month the Rupununi Safari and Army Day.
And in December, the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, and preceding the holy month of Ramadan is replaced by Christian Day gifts and Christmas holidays that are celebrated by the whole populat
ion of the country irrespective of religion.