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South American country of Guyana, with its amazing, almost untouched nature, is one of the most beautiful corners of our planet. It was inspired by Guyana at the time of the famous writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to create one of the most famous novels of the travelers, which is known as "The Lost World." If you're in the vicinity of the magnificent waterfall Kayeter, you will be able to easily find out this wild land with luxuriant vegetation, which once read a book, Doyle.

According to local legend, Kayeter - is the name of a brave Indian chief who died defending his tribe from the attacks of enemies. He was unable to cope with the power of the river and was lost, going down the waterfall in a canoe. Falls Kayeter located at the top of an ancient mountain plateau, which lies on the Guiana Shield. Research scientists, geologists can draw conclusions about the age of the falls - it is not less than three million years. It is located in the heart of the Guyanese jungle, amidst lush greenery. Guyana jungle - it's not monoculture plantations decorous Europe. Here you can meet representatives of the rarest flora and fauna of the planet, many of which have survived only here. Near Kayetera rare species of jaguars, tiny and very poisonous golden toad, listed in the Red Book of birds and insects. To get here only by air or land - on foot or on horseback. Machines are not will pass.

Falls Kayeter is not the widest or tallest in the world, but its height is five times the height of the famous Niagara Falls. In addition, Kayeter considered one of the most powerful and wild waterfalls in the world. Potaro River drops from a height of about two hundred and fifty feet in the middle of riot of tropical vegetation. The water forms a real sparkling, foaming strong wall. The volume of water discharged per second waterfall is about 700 cubic meters - more than anywhere else in the world. Local people believe that water Kayetera - the only way to the almighty spirit Makoneymu, the patron saint of the place. Indeed, such a lead in only one way ...