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Unexplored peaks of Tibet

Неизведанные вершины ТибетаCome to know the mountains of Tibet - the desire of many tourists and researchers all over the world since time immemorial . Yet to reveal the secrets of this mysterious place is far from everything. Since Tibetan horizons today - one of the most remote places , to reach which will not - it is simple.

There is a certain difficulty of find yourself in Tibet, which causes severe general climatic conditions and unfriendly people here by the government, which is in no hurry to open foreign access to their lands . Up to nine hundred and eighty -four peaks of Tibet in general were closed to tourists. But thankfully today you can get here without any restrictions - .

Tibet is a mountainous structure , which lies at a height of about four kilometers . Village Tibet is big enough - covers one million square kilometers. Population - about one million inhabitants.

In particular uncrowded and mystery of these places here luring adventure seekers with various different parts of the globe . Some scientists believe that " legendary Shambala" , which has been searching for many centuries famous scientists involved is within the mountains of Tibet. Still do not know exactly where it is located " Great Shambala" and whether it exists in reality. And if it really exists, it searches its likely will need to be carried out in the highlands of Tibet. After all, these are the most unexplored land on earth.

Visit Tibet should at least once in your life to realize its beauty . Only here you can drown in the endless blue skies and pure , touching it by hand. Also here you can look at the ancient temples, in which has for centuries come to pray sages . Tibet - a place where anyone will feel the highest strength and find harmony with nature . To understand all this and feel it is necessary to go there.

Mountains of Tibet - it's also hills and wasteland . Here you can observe transparent and clear lakes, ancient cities , temples and Buddhist monasteries . As they say , Buddhist monks , in order to get to Tibet need his blessing. But this does not necessarily become a Buddhist or have relatives in Tibet , just to come to a spiritual consciousness. And it can anyone .