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Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires

Хилтон Буэнос Айрес

An excellent five-star hotel is in Buenos Aires, Mr. Hilton hotel chain, which are famous throughout the world and are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that the level of service is at a height, as well as comfortable guest rooms, individually decorated, inherent in the entire network Hilton hotels.

Five-star hotel Hilton Buenos Aires is located in the area of ​​Puerto Madero. Upon arrival at the train you from the main station in just a few minutes away from this place. Another identification mark - Rockefeller Center, which is also located nearby. By choosing their place of residence is the hotel, everyone will get free wi-fi services online. Each room is complemented by a beautiful terrace with incomparable views. This hotel offers extremely luxurious accommodation with high ceilings and stunning interior. The rooms are flat screens. Chic huge windows, interior trim Italian mosaic complement the interior hotel and add his luxury and beauty. Huge bathrooms with relaxing bath, an invigorating shower and a superb double dressing gown will brighten up your leisure time and help you relax. Qualified staff are always helpful and kind. If you wish, in your room to hold the procedure for preparing for bed. This hotel is just in a place where architecture plays into the hands of buildings throughout the institution, adding his solidity. The hotel offers four hundred and seventeen luxury guest rooms, including suites.
Hotel Cristoforo Colombo
In the heart of Buenos Aires is another luxury hotel, next to which is a conference center La Rural, except this is near the American Embassy. If you decide to take a walk on the area in which the Hotel, you are without any easy access to luxury boutiques and show rooms, a zoo and the park of Хилтон Буэнос АйресPalermo, which are a short walk away. This luxurious hotel complex offers all its visitors, guests and patrons luxurious accommodation with its own kitchen, which is very useful to all those who do not like going to restaurants or want to save some money. Rooms have free high-speed Internet, you can use absolutely no limitations, as well as cable TV. And this is the level of suites. The hotel has an outdoor pool, but it is open only during the warmer months, or more precisely, in the summer. Timon Bar offers a variety of drinks and light meals. Total hotel offers its guests one hundred and sixty rooms. On weekdays, staff will bring you a fresh e-mail, among other things, there is free wireless internet.