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Traveling the Amazon forest.

You have never been to the Amazon? Do you want to go on a short journey for him? In this article we will try to contact you to travel back to the banks of the river and wander through the forests, which attract both European. Come?

All the way from the Atlantic to the Andes extends rainforest. From a distance it gives the impression of the fantastic scenery of the play. An astonishing variety of shapes, forms and colors of trees and shrubs. The first thing you may note a modern woman, and any person, is never in the woods - the trees do not grow close to each other, thanks to the forest with respect to light, although sunlight and do not penetrate the veil of leaves stacked.

In fact, the Amazon forest can be called a medium consisting of two parts. The first part is represented by impenetrable thickets of bushes and bamboo growing on the ground. The second part is not less significant, and its location - trees and shrubs of the first part. Simply put, the second part is represented by plants - parasites, they attach to the rainforest and its unique shape.

Can not pass by vines. An ancient legend says that once, when the forest was fabulous, the trees wanted to organize a rebellion, and fled from the woods, then an unknown ruler ordered them to tie vines. Fairy tale ended, and vines, and remained, as before, climb on the trunks and branches of trees from one to another, and they have no beginning or end.

Alone travel to these places is extremely dangerous, many diseases and dangerous forest dwellers lurk carefree Europeans and not just anywhere. Therefore, even the natives of these places, never go camping without careful preparation, and always retain the signs to find the way back.