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Guyana - a country in South America

Guyana - terra incognita for the Russians.Guyana - a country in South America Of course, I can not brag, I'm not in the geography of the most advanced people. When I offered to go to work in Guyana, I immediately thought it was in Africa. It was only in charge began to recognize what this country is and where it is. Read very little information on the Internet about the country of Guyana, the capital city - Georgetown, one of the unique cities in South America.

Guyana, formerly known as French Guiana, and British Guiana as an independent state was formed the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, only in 1966. History of Guyana, is closely linked with the history of South America. From 15c. When the Europeans have heard the legend of El Dorado, the fabulous country of infinite gold, began trying to assign a territory. Lasted for several centuries the history of conquest, slavery and the struggle for independence before May 26, 1966 British Guiana was proclaimed an independent state and became known as Guyana.

The population of Guyana, as the entire population of South America is mixed. For historical reasons, South America inhabited by people of different nationalities, and even different races. Guyana stands alone here. It is strange to see English-speaking country surrounded by countries, the main language is Portuguese or Spanish.

Almost all the people of Guyana consists of immigrants. The reasons for emigration were the slave trade and importation of workers to work on plantations in other countries

Diversity of the population, as well as throughout South America, causes a variety of holidays. It celebrated holidays of all nationalities and faiths. Many of them are national holidays. Perhaps, it is difficult to find another country with so many public holidays.

The name itself, Guyana - came from the language of the Indians. In translation it means - a country of many waters. In fact, in Guyana huge amount of large (really large) and small rivers, not to mention the ocean. Moisture is sometimes up to 100%.
For the European natural areas in South America represent a puzzle. The jungle and mountains, waterfalls, all of this is presented in full in Guyana. Whimsical fauna is astounding. Unseen plants moist equatorial forests pales before the amazing animals of South America.

On my site I was able to tell only the particle of Guyana, only that I was able to see or even hear. This site is conceived not as a scientific treatise or a home photo album. I hope I get some information about the symbiosis of the country received from the outside, and her impressions of the same, obtained inside. What happened ... judge you. Also, I want to say that I'm not going to stop there. As new information, the site will be updated.