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Secrets of the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu

In Peru, a city of Machu Picchu, which stands at the Urubamba River. He was enveloped in many legends. The Spaniards, conquering Peru, had heard about this settlement, but it was officially opened in the early twentieth century. The chronicles of the Spaniards there is no information about the creators of Machu Picchu, modern historians have been able to gather some facts that shed light on the mystery of the city. It was built by the Inca ruler Pachacutec around 1440 BC It was a cultural village, where she was the intelligentsia of the time. The best astrologers, sculptors and painters, priests and nobles lived under the roof of the magnificent buildings.

The town was built on a high rock - with their bare hands in pure enthusiasm. At the time of the Incas did not know anything about the wheels were not in the economy mounts. Granite blocks and construction materials for terraces and buildings were brought on the shoulders of the builders. We, on the background of the technical features of our civilization, it is difficult to imagine how much effort was invested in this great building. So puzzling fact that overnight is not really populated city was declared accursed, all its inhabitants in a hurry to flee their homes, never to return.

The peculiarity of the city, which could see the photographs from satellites - the location of its buildings is shaped like a figure of a condor. The meaning of this, no one knows. Before leaving, the people of Machu Picchu was 1,200. In the legends of the Incas has a version that this elite at that time the city was built by aliens, which the Indians, and considered by the gods. They used it as a base for rest, and the population served them in every way pleasing. Instead, the aliens take medical treatment at the savages of the disease, such as impaired consciousness in Vilna, until it was time to return to their home planet. All this is only a legend, but because each tale hidden truth about what happened.