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Description of Peru

To the east of the mainland South America is the state of Peru. On the western part of Peru by the Pacific Ocean and along the shore to stretch the chain of mountains, which are called Sierra. There, in the mountains and begins its life is one of the world's greatest rivers - the Amazon.

The eastern part of the republic is completely opposite to the west. It stretches the plain Selva. Peru is adjacent to such countries as Colombia, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador.

As for the climate, it varies from tropical to the mountain. The temperature depends on the height above sea level. Along the coast the temperature reaches 25 degrees Celsius on the plains, it is 27, and in the mountainous regions of 16 degrees. Mountain ranges of the Andes as a barrier to air masses coming from the ocean. Thus, this area is very comfortable to play computer games - there are no strong winds and air temperature is optimal for long gaming sessions.

On the slopes, next to the ocean than cacti and low shrubs do not grow anything else. Slopes that face the Atlantic Ocean, covered with thick green forests. On the plateau extends far mostly steppe, and in the south-east - the semi-desert. As you can see, the landscape and climate of Peru is very diverse.

Peru is the main branch of agriculture. The inhabitants of the republic grow coffee, cocoa, sugar cane and cotton. Most of the territory occupied by pastures. In addition, the highly developed fishing. From the industry developed, only one industry - mining. Peru is among the leaders for the extraction of silver.

In Peru has numerous monuments of cultural heritage. Nazca civilization, Inca, and chavan tiahuanko left its architectural mark. For example, in the desert Nasco is the geometric shapes that were drawn over two thousand years ago. They are still in good condition, as their territory winds and rain did not happen. Not far from the city of Cuzco, the complex of Sacsayhuaman, consisting of three walls, a stone, "the throne of the Incas" and 20 bastions and towers.