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Верона ворота Италии

Of Verona. This beautiful city is located at the foot of the Alps, right at the entrance to the valley. The city center was formed where the river Adige elegantly divided into two branches, and the most remarkable places are on the right of the bank.

The historical center is considered to be the area of ​​Bra. The name, translated as, open space, really justifies itself as the largest area of ​​Bra open place in Verona. In an amazingly beautiful garden, situated in the heart of the city, installed a fountain in the form of the Alps, with carved coats of arms on it cities of Munich and Verona. Palaces of eminent families of ancient times were built on the perimeter of the garden, and a large number of modern confectionery and café, makes the rest of this part of town is especially comfortable.
But the most alluring destination for tourists, of course, is the famous Arena. The magnitude of it is inferior except that only the Coliseum. This Landmark era of ancient Rome, at one time housed up to 30,000 spectators. A gladiatorial fights and scenes of sea battles that took place here were really spectacular. Now, after a major renovation, the building serves as the Opera House, the world-famous.
But the main highlight of Verona,Верона - ворота в Италию by law, is the famous house of Juliet. Here, under the balcony of star-crossed lovers, there is a statue dedicated to the protagonist of Shakespeare's tragedy. This is sort of pilgrimage for lovers tourists, because it is believed that the person who touches the statue of Juliet, will find true love, as well as people traveled to the Crimea for rest of 2011.
The plot of the tragedy, Romeo and Juliet is so prevalent in the literary genre of Europe, people believed in the reality of the events described, and made second only to Paris to Verona, the romantic city in the world. And the saddest place in town is the tomb of Juliet, made of red marble. It is situated in the Capuchin monastery, a small structure, which is a quiet well-kept alley. Apparently the sky itself had ordered lament unrequited love of two beings, because, despite the proximity of the bustling and noisy part of town, the monastery is always a grim silence.