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Secrets and mysteries of South America

Pacific and Atlantic oceans wash one of the seven continents of the world - South America. This amazing world discovered the famous explorer Amerigo Vespucci. In the vastness of South America are twelve countries.

The territory of the mainland allows him to take fourth place in the area, after North America, England, Africa and Asia. In terms of population, it ranked fifth.

A lot of minerals and other vital natural resources are here. Moreover, most of them - are concentrated in the Amazon, this is one of the largest and richest river systems in the world.

History of settlement in South America dates back to 900-300 century BC. According found conclusive evidence at this time there existed an ancient civilization called the Chavin (Chavin). Most of the finds were made in Peru, in place of Chavin de Huanter, in the highlands (3177 meters above sea level). According to the scientists, the economy and social structure of this country were not all that and primitive.

Another lot of known civilization of South America - Inca civilization (Inca). Their capital - the city of Cuzco (Cusco), located in the Andes. The uniqueness and the high development of the Incas is still unclear to specialists. Most striking quality of designing of ancient cities, unmatched stonework of buildings. It is believed that the Incas were the first who carried out a successful complex operations on the brain.

South America has produced such famous people as an actress Vera Fischer and Florinda Balkan, writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature - Gabriel José García Márquez athletes Jo de Carlos Olivieri and Robson da Silva. South America - a rich and beautiful land, which is seen only once, to love her forever!