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The main wealth of Guyana - is it

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The history of Guyana unique and amazing.

Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

Kaychur Waterfall - the most powerful and strong

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Victoria Regia - the national flower

Rites and customs of the peoples of South America

Residents of South America spokon centuries filled their lives different traditions, customs and rituals. Each rite has a unique meaning and a clear goal. Some tribes have preserved their customs and folk beliefs, and to this day.

Dedication to a guy in a man - is the actual ceremony, which is called yurupari, according to him the man in the process of self-improvement. This unusual transition into a new state is accompanied by a hallucinogenic trip. Dance events under this type of ceremony are widespread, they are quite unique and very interesting character. Participants dance performance accompanied by musical instruments such special, like a horn (a wind instrument), which is manufactured as a rule, especially of wood bark. During the execution of such a rite of women left the tribe, leaving the dense forest. They were forbidden to hear even the slightest sounds of the ceremony, so they went away.

Typically, this rite of passage for generations of ancestors to descendants. Typically, such a man is able to clearly demonstrate their power over women. Hallucinogenic drink is yazhe or ayauaska. After the deep battle drums all the women and old people had to leave the tribe, having spent some time in the dense forest.

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Ends with a ceremony in an interesting way. Four old march through the long old house in the South American Indians (Malokostov), ​​while blowing into the tube and carrying decorated with some dance moves forward and backward.