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Summer holidays in America.

Many Russian students want to go to summer in America. The most common way to get there is a program Work & Travel USA. The offices of this company you will get any help on the way to America. But who knows better what to do and how it will be than the student who has passed this way. And now, I would like more detail about the journey.

The easiest and less exciting is the paperwork and the office visit Work & Travel. There you will find a mere formality. You ask the questions, because the first time such a long fly, rent a copy of the required documents, get a visa and ticket. This is followed by a period of a couple of months, which go mainly to premature delivery of the session, while the most advanced and intelligent - for examinations and tests automatically.

And that's all put behind the granite and the sciences, and a wonderful journey lies ahead, the sea of ​​new and interesting.

We collect the bags.

Apart from the usual things you need to take the most necessary, without which you can drag it does not:

A. Medications (keep in mind that some medications can carry, especially in the hand luggage, so Shove them away in a suitcase);

Two. Personal hygiene products (especially for allergy sufferers);

Three. Comfortable shoes and clothing (preferably take a light fall clothes, because when it's hot clothing can be removed, and when it's cold - guess yourself);

4. Money (of course, their birth-often lacking);

Five. Take the Russian food, which is not in America, and without which you do not seem to live for - buckwheat (it can only be bought in a Russian store, if you live in the area adapted for Russian);

6. The adapter plugs for household appliances - electric shaver, hair dryer, etc. (Voltage is lower than in Russia, 110 volt socket and the other - not round spokes, as we are accustomed to, and flat).

Perhaps it's basic, but if you have an item that you want to add, then go for it without a doubt.


When you collect your hand luggage, carefully review the items that you can not take with you on the plane, otherwise the risk of losing an expensive, for example, your favorite perfume Pick a convenient carrying case or bag, or maybe a backpack for your laptop, you, of course, take with you.

Not all carry many hops easy and painless. What you need to know about preparing for the flight? If possible, make a small set of warm-up exercises to prepare the joints for "sedentary traveling". During the flight, once a 1:00 wake up and a bit of a walk through the cabin, mash. After arriving at the scene, we also recommend a small razminochka. By following these rules you will be able to significantly reduce the discomfort of the flight.

If you are flying with change, and the spacing between planes is far more than 2 hours, we strongly recommend you take the road, an inflatable pillow and a bandage over his eyes - is extremely difficult, especially without the dressing - in the waiting room the light strikes the eye.

And that's America.

All are custom control where you put the stamp that you have arrived, and thus give the nod to stay in the United States. Perhaps the moment for many volnitelen as Americans are famous for austerity and picky for entrance. But do not worry and tremble with excitement this will only aggravate the situation, draw on your face anxiety, thereby sow a seed of doubt in the mind of strict customs officer. Just smile and wide open American smile. You can like that on all four sides.

Custom behind and that's huge and it is an interesting country, a continent in front of you.

Many people need to get to their place of work, and someone goes at random.

Let's talk about those - at random. Do not panic. The main thing to look around and look like - "naugadnikov." Talk, ask, and then the case will reward your people with whom you develop a plan for your future travels. But if you do not see these people, find people who already know where he was going. Surely in that town there is a job for you.