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As the New Year in Latin America

A very interesting New Year's custom found in Argentina, the last working day of the year the outgoing officers of various organizations throw away from the windows of the old company calendars, unnecessary forms and statements. In the business part of the capital at noon the sidewalks completely covered with paper. It is not known when and who invented a similar habit, but it is supported with great enthusiasm. Sometimes employees are too carried away, can be thrown out of windows required documentation. There was also a case where the pavement flew the entire archive.

And in Brazil there is a tradition. On the beach, located on the ocean, lit thousands of candles. And girls and women go into the water in long dresses and scatter the waves of a huge number of flower petals. Looking at this, you can come up with interesting status for ICQ.

In Colombia, the new year decided to meet with the shooting, fireworks and explosions. Before New Year's night Colombians make dolls that represent the old year, these dolls are laid gunpowder, and they are charging. Dolls are on sticks, and at midnight they start to explode, like firecrackers. This is personified that old year just torn apart to make way for the new year.

Before the onset of midnight in Cuba are filled with glasses of pure water, which at midnight pours out through the window, and all wish each other so that the new year was as pure as the water.

In Mexico, followed by a meeting of the new year with fireworks and a carnival, like any other holiday. There is another tradition. At midnight, to break up clay vases that are filled with water, fruit and gifts.

In the New Year's Eve in Peru can be found on the streets of a huge number of people who go with the bags. Accepted to believe that someone in the New Year's Eve will be held with a suitcase around his quarters, he could implement his plan travel.