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The rituals of fertility tribes in South America.

At the time of the ancient pagan rites for the indigenous tribes in South America, played an important role in both the spiritual and practical terms. The rites performed to ensure the safety of the tribe, the various sacrifices and worship, with the obligatory rites of fire and ritual dancing - all in a practical sense, reflect the culture of the tribe, which played a role in cementing such a wild social life.

One of the most popular rituals of all ancient and pagan rituals of the tribes were carried out to improve, ensure and protect the crop from which depended the life of the whole tribe for the next year. The basis of such rituals on the principle of duality of all that surrounded the people of the tribe. In this sense, a woman was considered the embodiment of the field, that is, place and source of life, and man - the embodiment of man's seed, that is a source of energy, which can give life. The indigenous population of the tribes of South America is largely tied to the rituals of sexual relationships, which essentially characterized the image of the rituals. It is noteworthy that before the holiday harvest the ancient Peruvians could abstain from sexual intercourse for several days.

The rituals of fertility were quite complex in structure. In this case, the renovation of the kitchen in the Khrushchev would have seemed a trifle existent. Typically, in a ritual attended first nude men and women who had run a race. Men can make love to any woman you can catch up. And the inhabitants of Patagonia, the rituals of fertility usually ended with dances, songs and orgies. In some tribes of South America, these rituals have survived unchanged to this day. It is noteworthy that such rituals were not only adult residents of tribes, but all the men and women of all ages, and this was done without any system, that is, randomly.