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Population and religious beliefs of the Indians Huron

Huron is considered one of the most numerous tribes of American Indians. It is believed that prior to European invasion, the number of tribes, the Hurons reached up to about forty thousand people. Their habitat was the middle part of Ontario, which was lost during the long feud with the Iroquois. Part of the Hurons was forced to go to Quebec. Most of the ancient tribes settled in Ohio, where had to move to Kansas.

Some representatives of the ancient culture of the Huron can be seen today. They preserved the foundations of their culture and their own language. The tribes of the Hurons can be considered rather old. They began their history as farmers, growing a fine tobacco, corn and other useful plants. In winter, they had to get re on the hunt. They hunted mainly bison, bear, small game and deer. As a control kompaniyuoni did not know so treated solely on their own. In all the Huron tribes had their clans, which in some ways regarded as family, as their religion implied the existence of a single mother progenitor.

Religious beliefs differ Huron monotheism. They had one supreme deity. A specific ceremony Huron was a "feast of the dead," which was held once a decade. Horrifying ceremony was the fact that at a certain time they had to dig up the bodies of all who had died a decade, and reburied in a mass grave. Thus, members of the tribe could enter into another world. It is noteworthy that, in spite of such savagery, Huron first signed with the French trade unions, for which he received during the prosperity that lasted until the end of the war for independence in the United States.