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Travel can be different: expensive, budget, cool

Travel - this is a special kind of holiday. And the rest, this is entirely dependent on the preferences of the person: from choosing the route, ending the period of travel and the amount of money spent. If you prefer to travel in style, VIP, then this article probably is not for you. I will try to give some tips on how to travel economically for the purse, but not for a piggy bank positive impressions.

So, let's begin.

A. Bus tour (Europe, the Near Abroad.

This type of travel is not only economical, but can be quite attractive for several reasons.

• You are offered a ready route;

• Visa support (if necessary);

• Transportation;

• Guided tours;

• Hotels 3 * - 4 *;

• Full support at all stages of the trip - from getting on the bus before the invasion of the hotel (if you do not speak a foreign language, it is a very big plus).

But it is clear that this type of travel has its drawbacks. Of the major I would list:

• Duration of trip (unless it is weekend, it's usually a trip takes about 7 days);

• Most of the time you spend on the bus;

• Night crossings (often the organizers are trying to reduce them to a minimum, but nowhere without them);

• Large group: someone is always delayed / late / lost, and it is sometimes annoying and spoils the experience.

Two. Weekend Tour (Bus).

This type of travel in many ways similar to those described above bus tour. But because of their limited time, reduced the negative side. Typically, this tour begins on Friday evening (you most likely will wait for a night crossing) and ends on Monday morning (again, night crossing). These trips to the near abroad or within the boundaries of his country - a great way to diversify the weekend and get lots of positive emotions for relatively little money. Pros - see above. Cons - night crossings. But given the intensity of the program under the terms of a small trip these disadvantages is quite tolerable.

In general, bus tours - this is a good option if:

• You enjoy a dynamic holiday.

• Do you have a company of good friends (just like you, fans of the dynamic relaxation).

• Do you need visa support • You do not speak foreign languages.

• You are not spoiled by their own travel routes.

• Are you ready to go on tour, "Crossing Europe".

If you do not want to ride with the group and through an agency, please - in this age of globalization, you have at hand all the necessary tools: the Internet and a credit card.

Three. Trip.

And why not? If you send a business trip, and you know what mode of operation allows the "extended" stay in the area designated by the employer for a few days, then why not combine business with pleasure. I'll tell you an example from my life. My employer sent me to an exhibition in Munich (2 days of work - Wednesday, Thursday). According to the plan I had to return home on Friday. However, specifying in advance that I will stay in the country of secondment at the weekend - Saturday and Sunday (no per diem, and without payment of the hotel), the time of my return with no problems shifted for 2 days.

The first thing I open the map of Europe, I see exactly where I was ordered off, which is nearby - and in my head looms a good route. From Munich to Salzburg (Austria) to travel by train no more than 2 hours. From Salzburg to Vienna and go to high-speed trains are not very expensive - 2.5 hours and you're in Vienna. And from Vienna to Bratislava (Slovakia) - as in the subway in Moscow to take a ride - 1.2 hours. Now back to our original data. The work - until the evening of Thursday, then Friday morning you can go to Salzburg. Spend almost all day and not to waste time that evening to go to Vienna. Sometimes cheaper to buy a ticket in advance - and I did at least for the move to Vienna (although preferable to buy tickets on the spot - often because circumstances dictate their own terms and you can lose the ticket and money). In Vienna, I pre-booked hostel (near the train station, so as not to deal in the evening with a net transport of the city). All day Saturday was a remarkable familiarity with the capital of Austria. On Sunday, I was expecting an evening flight home care paid for by my employer. But the thought that Bratislava in such close proximity to Vienna and would not let me rest. So on Sunday morning, leaving things in the storage room hostel (as an option, things can be left in the cloakroom station - but it would cost money), I went to Bratislava. Spent in this lovely town a few hours, I have successfully returned to Vienna, took his belongings and left the airport. As a result - 5 days, 3 countries and 4 cities. And I even saved the employer money, because Flight from Vienna was right, and therefore cheaper.

4. Weekend alone.

Such trips are probably the most common in the organization. As a rule, do not you go to several cities, and one (maximum - the city and its surroundings). The main task - to decide for themselves several questions: where, what, where to stay, what to see. The most inexpensive and convenient option - go to the car company. The second access - on the bus (although this is not the most convenient form of the move). Well, if you need to go far enough - it is better to train. Aircraft as a means of transportation in the form of travel I do not regard as Tour will simply unprofitable. Make sure in advance that, where you will spend the night. For a group of friends will not be a problem for a day to rent an apartment - cheap and convenient. If you are traveling alone, I prefer hostels. Well, the hotel did not remove the problem - all of course depends on your financial capabilities.

Five. "Napoleon's plans."

If you have at least a little experience of foreign travel, at least have some knowledge of English at the ask / understand there is a desire to see their own country or region to some interesting country you do not mind it - and start planning a trip in advance. There are several budget airlines (Ryanair, Wizzair, etc.) that are easily and inexpensively take you to the desired destination. In my case, I sometimes your "destination" is selected depending on the availability of cheap tickets from one of the designated airlines.

Deciding when and where you are going, you plan your itinerary in detail:

• searching the internet all the information about the destination;

• Look, what is interesting cities / places nearby;

• plan how much time you want to spend in a particular place;

• booking a hostel / hotel according to your itinerary;

• check the routes and the cost of trains / buses in the country of destination.

At the exit, I get a list from which you can find everything: the schedule, the cost of relocations (planes, trains, buses, ferries), the name and value of the hostels, the number of nights in each hostel. It must be added an approximate value of the tickets to the museums, the cost of food. And it is desirable to still have a little money to spare. All tickets, armor store in one place, it is advisable always to yourself. All copies of armor, passports, visas to send yourself an email - that has always been backed up.

And never hesitate to ask, no matter in what part of the world you are! Not in vain for centuries spoken "language to Kiev." In your case, the desire to see the world open any doors for you - and this is not necessary to spend all your savings!