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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

Kaychur Waterfall - the most powerful and strong

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Victoria Regia - the national flower



Malaysia - one of the most interesting countries throughout Asia, the country is rightly called Soul of Asia. Tourists have something to admire here, because Malaysia is a country that affects travelers with its unique architecture at a glance, here you'll find a large number of monuments, rare animals, and most original forms of transport that exist on our planet.
Should pay attention to the history of the amazing history of this country. To begin with, it is a very ancient state has been around since the third millennium BC. e. Malaysia has long been at the crossroads of many trade routes, which could not contribute to the development of trade in this country. Around the 15th century as a state. established religion Islam, it also contributed to the conclusion of favorable agreements with other Islamic countries. But unfortunately for the country's subsequent prolonged period of turmoil severely weakened the position of Malaysia on the world stage, and during the war, it was occupied by Japan and released it only in 1963.
Climate Malaysia has a high air temperatures and more precipitation.
It is said here mainly in Malay, but English is a second language, so that any problems with communicating with the locals with tourists should arise.
The national currency - the ringgit, but in tourist areas in the course of the Malayan dollar.
Pleasant circumstances for tourists from Russia is the fact that if you go for 30 days you do not need a visa, as well as unnecessary and migration Katochkov, all you need is to show a return ticket and prove your financial solvency. And here's some of our compatriots may overshadow the fact that direct flights from Russia to Malaysia not.
Basically, all the hotels in Malaysia are located in the western part of the country. They are renowned for their high service and unmatched beauty, almost every hotel Malaysia - a work of art that deserves a separate article.
Malaysia is famous for its beaches, rich culture and history, as well as extremely beautiful nature.
Be sure to visit the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, at least in order to enjoy the combination of eye Morozyaschih skyscrapers and different structures of different religious denominations.
Travel to Malaysia, will be for you a real adventure in the world and the rich culture of this country.