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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Tips for tourists in Jamaica

Tips for tourists in Jamaica

What to save . Tourism in Jamaica - expensive. Many tourists prefer to relax in the summer , but summer tours are expensive. You can certainly find cheaper tours but rest on such flights will not be so comfortable. In Jamaica, a tropical climate . All year it's warm here , so you can plan your trip to another time of year . During spring break U.S. prices rise by 25%.

The cheapest taxi transport is that a 5 -seater car and carry up to 8 people . Street markets and shops when buying goods can be traded as Jamaican sellers overprice . When calculating large bills you can make discounts . Need to bargain with the taxi drivers . Arriving in Jamaica is better to buy a local SIM card , because the connection while roaming the road . Prices vary for diving , so you should find a more favorable price.

The safety of tourists . The most important thing during the rest is the safety of tourists . No need to go outside the resort area alone, the criminal situation in such places want to leave to be desired. It is undesirable to carry their documents large sums of money and valuables . For the loss in hotel rooms administration is not responsible .
Jamaica does not need to buy " weed ".

Health. Jamaica - an island with a large percentage of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Special vaccinations do not need , it is better to take an insurance policy. Exotic cuisine can go to someone not good . Need to drink bottled water . When visiting the beaches require sunblock in the evening - the cream of mosquitoes.

Rules of Conduct . Jamaica should not speak badly about the country, customs of the islanders , since Jamaicans increased sense of patriotism . Not prevent tourists courtesy racism excluded . At the table, do not leave food on the plate, as it will be interpreted as a rejection of Jamaican cuisine . Leftover food from the buffet should not pass , you can get a fine . Not have to wear frankly outdoor clothes. Care of nature and architectural monuments in Jamaica. Do not forget that you are a tourist and is located in a foreign country .