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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Beaches Morocco

Beaches Morocco

Morocco - a country that many people associate not with a beach holiday . And it is quite logical, since Morocco is not intended for this type of recreation . Speaking of Tunisia , we can definitely say that this is a country for a holiday in Turkey - the same , but Morocco - no.

As practice shows , going to Morocco , many tourists travel around the country , stopping in attractive locations . You can visit the original and unforgettable city that will forever remain in your memory .

And at the end of a trip many are willing to go to Agadir - the main resort in the country . If you have no desire to visit this place , you can get acquainted with the country , thus not moving from place to place .

Oualidia - is unusually quiet and beautiful place in which reigns only peace and tranquility . If you belong to the category of people who prefer silence , then for you it is the perfect place .
Warm water in the lagoon , this is what causes that often come here with their children.


But if you are positive , cheerful person who loves the noisy companies , then this place is just created for you. Afternoon here teems with life . And here it is unlikely you will be able to find a quiet place.


This place is truly unique . Tourism Legzire with his favorite - it walks that you will remember for a lifetime. Your attention will be represented by a unique and elegant ocean, unique beaches , and if you are lucky , and you're lucky, you can take a dip memorable .

If you want to spend in these unique places for several days , then you have a large number of hotels where you can spend time comfortably . As you might guess , very soon Legzira become one of the larger and more developed resorts in the world . After all this is done for today and beyond.