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One of the largest countries in the world, the second largest country in South America, has long been known throughout the world. Argentina attracts millions of tourists each year, through a series of advantages, and this trend is increasing. What could be interested in this country?

Firstly, it's big, beautiful city, such as the country's capital - Buenos Aires. This city is one of the largest ports in the world, as well as a tourist attraction, so it has undeniable qualities that are inherent in this city - it's many monuments and architecture, culture, ancient buildings, modern casino and respectable restaurants. More than 90% of the population lives in cities of Argentina, so a large part of the state budget goes to maintaining their status.
A particular group of the population of Argentina is the gauchos - a skilled horsemen and herders who are pastoralists and graze cattle on the plains. Seen settlements gaucho is one of the additions to the standard tour the city of Argentina. In these villages offer tourists a ride on horseback, and to help milk the cows graze, and will be treated to fresh milk.

Most gauchos - a friendly nation, which is still not used to such an occasion as the frequent visits of their settlements by white people, so they will be in every way to help the guests, eat feed and yet offer to buy some souvenir. Refuse to do so, will mean a sign of bad taste and gaucho might be offended.
If the tourist route runs south of the country, the tour may be lucky to meet jaguars, tapirs and monkeys and living mainly in tropical forests. Also in Patagonia with share of luck you can find such unique animals as Pudu - the smallest deer in the world and Naude - strausoobraznuyu bird that can not fly, too.

For tourists who love the unpredictable and dangerous mountain ranges, there are kinds of tourism opportunities like hiking the mountain range of the Andes. The Andes are the snow-covered little or no snow-capped mountains, so the possibility of the development of the ski areas are absent, but the landscapes that open eyes witness on top of one of the many present here the mountains, just a breath away. This place attracts photographers and lovers of beautiful landscapes from around the world, because such films as cacti covered slopes, surrounded by clouds and mountain peaks is unforgettable and give a lot of positive and good feelings.
According to statistics, in recent years, Argentina is considered one of the safest countries in the world, but do not forget that there are detractors almost anywhere on Earth.

If we take into account the large inventory of tourist attractions and advantages of Argentina, and weigh the pros and cons, it can be concluded that this is one of the best options for recreation and relaxation of all.