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Zhigulevskaya Circumnavigation


Жигулевская кругосветкаWho has not heard of this popular water journey, which every year is gaining its strength and importance? Who has not dreamed of the river to take part in this campaign, and the river prove to yourself that you do not coddle the city, and that the oars, it can not handle, and a decent respect for seasoned travelers? Who of us does not dream to make new friends, meet dawn, standing on the hill and looking further into the river? One can go to paint all the charm of camp life, but the best move from words to deeds lengthy.

Brief historical information. Zhigulevskaya circumnavigation began in the distant 1968th year. This year is considered the official starting point of such an event in the life of the Samara region, as a massive water campaign, which encircles almost the entire area, seizing on his way two rivers - the Volga and the Usa. The trip passes through the most beautiful places of this amazing region, incorporating many forests and mountains, which according to the observations of tourists have powerful energy and strength.

Another interesting name itself - Circumnavigation, and it is no accident. The fact that tourists traveling (comes up) from the seafront Togliatti and going the full route will be returned in exactly the same spot where they started their journey! More on this later.

To date, the full name of the campaign - "Around the World Zhigulevskaya them. Admiral Yuri Maslov, "named after its permanent leader and admiral. Around the World combines not only the residents of Samara and the surrounding area for her, and even people from other countries! And if in the beginning the number of participants consisted of all of the 11, then today this figure has increased to record numbers - more than 750 people!

Zhigulevskaya circumnavigation route. In fact, for every team the route and time of its passage is individual, because most of them are still different possibilities, views and goals of the campaign, as well as the different places they wish to visit. If earlier circumnavigation was a camping trip with only short stops in suitable shores, then today this event includes a variety of contests, competitions, excursions, evening singles, concerts, guitar, and much more. People now joins the team in the hope for more exciting adventures and new friends, than a routine check itself "strength."

But in spite of personality, mostly route for all travelers about the same. After the briefing on the shore, the boat and yaly go down the river, past the village and Vasilievsky Vinnovka lakes Perevoloki straight to the village. Here yaly hand or if you're lucky - with the help of trucks through the narrow isthmus perevolakivayut and descend on the other side of the river Usa. This is followed by a transition to Zhiguli Mountains, with the obligatory stop at Bogatyrskaya settlement, climbing to the mound and Valiant Devyu mountain, then shturmovanie Zhigulevsky sea overnight on GESe and penultimate leap to Mastryukova lakes. That's where the famous initiation krugosvetchiki, the process of which has already experienced participants kept a closely-guarded secret from newcomers. This is followed by at least interesting part of the path, which includes a visit to the museum in the village of Repin Shiryaevo swim in the tunnel, climbing and much more. That evening is a farewell, when all share their impressions and stock goodies, photographed large and friendly company and promise each other not to forget. All the next day becomes a triumphant return home, with lots of new experiences, photos, friends, and the desire to repeat the small feat. And this desire resonates with many people who have become a family and decided to take it a rule repetition route every summer.