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Moscow: where you want to go we have to?

Москва: где нужно побывать обязательно?Among all the cities in the world for its beauty and distinctive architecture of Moscow is not the last place. The city has a long history, traces of which can be seen virtually everywhere during trips and walks along the largest metropolis of Russia. What is a list of places that you should visit every tourist sure? Of course, you can not go to Moscow and visit the Red Square. Moscow Kremlin - this building, which survived with dignity over the years of war, coups, and other memorable events in the history of the state. Among the mandatory site visit Armoury and Diamond Fund. They are located in the same building, that does not take much of your time, but will see the exhibits, which began to be collected from the time of Peter the Great. Many know the story of the architects St. Basil was blind, because the King of All Russia did not want such a magnificent and unique beauty of the construction could be located somewhere else. Really, do not share experience with admiration admiration bright colors its towers impossible. Famous exhibits Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon is visited by many tourists. They met many years ago using the sophisticated technology of metal casting, and always will stand for many years. Despite the fact that relatively recently decided on burial VI Lenin and his mausoleum is a place of relevance to visit everyone. On the leader of the nation will not be able to see more, but the surroundings area deserves your attention. Walking on Moscow, make sure plan your path so that it led through the Old and New Arbat. Also while walking can schedule a visit to the Ostankino TV tower in whose territory tours and visit the beautiful place that made songs - Prudy. Speaking about the sights of the capital, one can not fail to mention the fact that it is one of the few cities that can be attached to a man of high culture. Example is the Grand Theatre - home theater scene of the country, as well as numerous museums, the most famous of them - this, of course, the Tretyakov Gallery. Among the religious monuments are considered the main Cathedral of Christ the Savior Cathedral and Novodevichy Convent. S