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Best winter route! Snow fun.


Таганай. Лучшие зимние маршруты! Снежные развлечения.Winter - is an amazing time of the year, as described by almost all poets. So when many tend to go on a winter vacation in the warm sea, then the fans of snow and outdoor activities in a hurry in the mountains on the best ski resorts. France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, offer all kinds of trails, snowboarding and many other winter sports. In Sweden, you can see the Northern Lights - an amazing natural show, which believe me, will not leave you indifferent. Norway - an unusual and beautiful country, which has everything for this winter holiday. And here you can ride on reindeer and dog sledding.

Finland is very popular for families, because only here you can go to visit the real Santa Claus. But the Andorran resort preferred by women, due to the well-developed spa services and features great shopping. You may be surprised, but there are wonderful ski resorts in Greece. The capital of the Czech Republic - Prague during leisurely walk you will find a fabulous city, shrouded in a white blanket.

And do not forget about Russia. Authentic Russian frosts, combined with skiing and low prices make Russian resorts accessible to everyone. Many of nasuzhe toured half the world in search of new experiences and new experiences, and it is not familiar with the rich natural reserves nsvoey own country. And after all, we have our own mountain ranges, which are often overlooked winter sports enthusiasts. All familiar with the name of the Urals, but few people went there for the winter holidays, but in vain. Wonderful ski resorts have with us, an example of this is the ski resort Taganay where you get great comfort and hospitality are the Urals.

Whatever the country, the resort and the route you choose - this holiday will give you the real winter wonderland.