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Carpathians .


The most famous mountains are the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine . Lovers of ski resorts with the beginning of colds going to rest in the Carpathians. Whatever will roll skiing , sledding . While those who think that you can go to the Carpathian Mountains in winter only mistaken. In summer there is also something to do , such as horseback riding, master classes in pottery or blacksmithing , mountain biking , fishing. Carpathians are known to the whole world , its embroidery craftswomen . They can buy or learn that love . Tourists will be pleasantly surprised hospitality and cordiality with which there meet.

The most famous resort in the Carpathians Bukovel considered . It is located in the village of Polyana . You can ride a 50- lines with different challenges descent. For equipment you should not worry , there's rental . This is not just a ski resort. If you do not know how to ride , then you teach or suggest something else. There are fitness clubs, a variety of cafes , restaurants , SPA- centers , bowling , pub . Possible to lift up the mountain Bukovel and just walk without skis .
Interesting to see the valley of daffodils - it is the biggest meadow of daffodils in Europe. Whisper Falls is awesome , the name speaks for itself , the water is just whispers . What would need to learn more about the history visit : Castle "Palanok " Nevitsky or Templar fortress " Tustan ."

Lovers SPA- procedures offer plunge into vats . And it goes like this: in a large vat (boiler ), which could fit a couple of people , filled with water , and at the bottom make a fire , what would the water heated . When people are relaxed in the boiler, in a sense , you can come , ducking into the pool , which is located nearby.

In the Carpathians can safely go with children , plus there is clean air and a large expanse on which you can run . Offers for children offer small pools with slides, on the territory of doing playgrounds, think through various entertainment programs .

In the Carpathians, developing green ( eco ) tourism. It combines : active, communing with nature , cultural entertainment and the opportunity to live the life of local residents. How wonderful to take a break from polluted cities, noise machines. The best form of transport for such a holiday - Cartage , vedlsipedny or electric , for example segways that are rapidly gaining popularity. See , you can choose and buy zdesvelik24.ru/catalog/elektrosamokati . Get a wonderful combination of pure nature and the latest achievements of civilization .

Hotels combine proposals such as : skiing in drawn carriage or , familiarity with historical Ukrainian folk crafts , or a game of table tennis, billiards . Tourists traveling that would relax in the open air , in the bosom of wonderful nature , is active in the family circle. This is the meaning of green tourism . In most hotels provided winter and summer holidays in nature , because there is something to show all year round. They are built of wood, made ​​for the comfort of tourists ( spacious rooms, private bath , hot water, fireplaces ) .