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Family resort of Anapa

Family resort of Anapa

When it's the holidays, families with children, especially when children are very young ( up to three years ) , the main question becomes - where to go? After all, you need to choose a place where it will be interesting for the whole family : and dad , and older children , and year-old baby.

Go somewhere far away, in another country , is likely to be uncomfortable, since half the time on vacation will have to adapt to the selected child climate. Therefore, for such travelers , the best option - the Black Sea coast .

Resorts of Krasnodar region was always a place for the whole family , standing out for its beaches, magnificent landscapes , wellness sea air. One of the most popular resort cities of Krasnodar Region is Anapa . This resort will delight and inexpensive numerous activities and warm sea , and the recovery of the whole organism. No wonder , it was in Soviet times this place was all-Union health resort. Especially appreciate this city parents , kids who have a tendency to diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems . In addition, there developed unique anatomical, physiological and functional treatments of the respiratory system , which are intended only for the child's body .
The secret of health effects Anapa not only in a variety of resorts , sanatoriums and highly skilled professionals who work with children and health care workers . It Anapa highest number of sunny days per year (about 200 ), which makes the holiday season is much longer than in other cities , increasing in adults and children a fabulous time. In addition, there are connected two climate Podgorny - steppe and Mediterranean . There are many places where you can stay as purchasing a ticket and coming " under its own power ." In Anapa lot of hotels, inns , hotels and resorts , as intended only for children , as well as giving the opportunity for a vacation for the whole family together. And all destinations are equipped beaches and plenty of entertainment for children ( children's clubs, animators ) and adults ( late-night bars , billiards, bowling ) .
Rest in Anapa will be not only useful, but also informative. Work for all tourists : National History Museum , the exhibition " World of Animals" , the Sea Aquarium and Museum of Archaeology. And in reserve " Big Utrish " , you can see dolphins .